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Our latest project took us into the quirky, hilarious, and stylized world of Universal Pictures' "Renfield." Taking inspiration from the film's key art we created a striking Lens with a unique gameplay loop. Here's how we turned this imaginative concept into a captivating social AR experience.

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A Delectable Twist on Augmented Reality

We set out to create an AR experience that would give Snapchatters the chance to dine like Renfield himself, feasting on the life-force of their prey through a bug-eating lens. Our approach was to gamify the experience, engaging users in an exciting challenge – catching all the bugs that appeared on screen with their mouths. The ultimate reward? As Snapchatters caught all the bugs, they would grow to full power, just like Renfield.

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One of the key elements that made this experience so enchanting was the use of Machine Learning Lighting. Used to replicate the colors and mood of the "Renfield" film and project lighting onto the user that reacted and curved with their face in a way no simple color correction could
Our journey began with crafting a storyboard that matched the visual style of the film, ensuring that every moment of the experience was a seamless extension of the "Renfield" universe.
We created realistic bug assets to fully immerse the user. These lifelike creatures were modeled and animated so that when Snapchatters took a selfie the scene of bugs crawling across their face would create a visceral reaction.


  • Frank Shi
  • Jessica McCrory
  • Kenneth Zhang
  • Heather-Lynn Aquino
  • Deja Vargas
  • Hannah Park
AR Team
  • Xuan Buddhavong
  • Harrison Berlin
  • Rahul Advani
  • Sarah Wolfe
  • Daniel Robertson
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