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We partnered with Snapchat and Satchii & Satchii to bring the excitement of the Toyota GR line up to Snapchatters around the world with an exciting selfie and world. Snapchatters are immediately immersed in the world of Toyota GR as we start the experience with branded AR helmet and racing suit on the selfie side as if Snapchatters were racing driver. On the world side, users can see the full line up of Toyota GR cars as if they were driving. Snapchatters can then see the full detail and look of each car.

Toyota Selfie 1 Helmet RacerToyota Selfie 2 Helmet RacerToyota Selfie 3 Helmet RacerToyota Selfie 4 Helmet Racer
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Deep Dive

One of the coolest part of the lens is that Snapchatters can interact by swiping the lens and trigger the Toyota GR line to do a drift move together towards the way the Snapchatters swiped! Giving a really immersive and interactive experience for Snapchatters while showing the excitement of seeing the new Toyota GR line up in action! We were able to fit all three models into the lens and still have a performance efficient lens.

Cars on table 1
Toyota Phone Frame Ui 1
Cars on table 2
Toyota Phone UI 2
Cars on table 3
Toyota Phone UI 3


  • Frank Shi
  • Jessica McCrory
  • Kenneth Zhang
  • Heathery Lynn-Aquino
  • Kelly Lim
  • Christy Deng
  • Shawn Kim
  • Lisa Chang
AR Team
  • Xuan Buddhavong
  • Rahul Advani
  • Tony Lu
  • Jye Trudinger
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