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Prepare for an adventure that transcends the screen. Our Snapchat lens offers a gamified experience bringing the exhilarating Piglin rampage scene from the Minecraft Legends trailer to life. Snapchatters can now embark on a rampage of their own and battle the invading piglins!

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From Concept to Reality

We kicked things off by developing storyboards that laid the foundation for us to translate this epic property into an AR game. Each frame was carefully crafted to ensure a cohesive and exciting experience laced with compelling and repeatable gameplay. One of our design goals was to create a fluid and intuitive interaction that feels as natural as snapping a selfie.

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Gameplay Tailored for Snapchat

Crafting this lens was a delightful journey of creativity and technical finesse, bringing a captivating experience to life.

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Another significant hurdle was crafting the feel of the bow for optimal user engagement on mobile devices. We aimed for a smooth and intuitive experience that effortlessly enabled users to pick up and play the game. Overcoming this challenge involved a collaborative process of trial and error, with a few team members providing unique perspectives. Through iterative testing and feedback, we were able to achieve the desired feel.
A notable challenge in developing this lens was perfecting the dynamic movement of the piglins. Our goal was to infuse them with a lively, animated essence, ensuring they seamlessly tracked the user to deliver a thrilling interaction. Achieving this required overcoming the intricate task of preventing piglins from overlapping, and ensuring a visually seamless descent from the portal. To address this, each piglin was treated as a physics object, enforcing upright orientation for natural collisions and enhancing their directional awareness when closing in on the user. This approach also facilitated more precise collision detection from incoming arrows, enhancing overall gameplay dynamics.
Finally, ensuring this lens performed well on mobile devices was another big challenge we faced. We used many optimizing tricks such as re-using assets, hiding certain assets that are out of view/not currently seen by the user and limiting the amount of piglins and arrows that could spawn, whilst still keeping the game fun and challenging.


  • Frank Shi
  • Jessica McCrory
  • Kenneth Zhang
  • Heather-Lynn Aquino
  • Deja Vargas
  • Shawn Kim
  • Josh Shayer
  • Lisa Chang
AR Team
  • Xuan Buddhavong
  • Sallia Goldstein
  • Harrison Berlin
  • Tony Lu
  • Rahul Advani
  • William Huggins
  • Jye Trudinger
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