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Our client approached us with an exciting concept: a gamified Snapchat lens that transforms Snapchatters into our hero, Cheez. We drew inspiration from the idea of competition and collecting points, much like the classic Cheez vs. Cheez-Geek spot. In this selfie lens, Snapchatters are transported to a farm lane course and tasked with collecting golden Cheez-It tokens and avoiding obstacles to secure their victory. Snapchatters are the star of the show here and control Cheez's movements with a simple head gesture. By tilting their head Snapchatters could guide Cheez through the obstacle course and collect points to earn a high score.

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  • Frank Shi
  • Jessica McCrory
  • Kenneth Zhang
  • Heather-Lynn Aquino
  • Deja Vargas
  • Shawn Kim
AR Team
  • Xuan Buddhavong
  • Harrison Berlin
  • Jye Trudinger
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