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MA Launch

Paper Triangles had the distinct pleasure of helping BetMGM to orchestrate an unforgettable campaign for the launch of BetMGM in Massachusetts during the MLB season. Our journey began with the understanding that launching a sports betting platform in Massachusetts demanded a curated approach that spoke to the state. This presented an excellent opportunity to include the iconic Boston Red Sox and their beloved mascot, Wally.

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AR for Sportsfans

Our first step was to allow users to snap selfies and virtually interact with Wally, creating an instant connection between the brand and local audience. Our storyboards was a crucial step l in defining the user's journey through the Lens, ensuring a brand accuracy, seamless user experience, and stunning visuals.

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To provide users with a dynamic experience, we integrated the latest SportsRadar API, enabling the Lens to pull in live betting odds and real-time sports data. This feature allowed users to stay informed about their favorite team while engaging with AR.
One of the highlights of this campaign was the creation of a 3D version of the iconic Wally mascot. Through animation, we brought Wally to life, capturing the spirit of the mascot and celebrating the launch of BetMGM in MA with all Snapchatters.


  • Frank Shi
  • Jessica McCrory
  • Kenneth Zhang
AR Team
  • Xuan Buddhavong
  • Harrison Berlin
  • Rahul Advani
  • William Huggins
  • Sarah Wolfe
  • Jye Trudinger
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