Paper Triangles





creative and consulting

Whether you’re creating a brand new idea or just need a well executed experience. We can help you concept, create, and refine the experience that aligns with your brand’s story.

  • project consulting

  • creative strategy and ideation

  • world building


social media content

We love making social content to help tell your brand story. Making content that will live across all platforms.  Our expertise range from 2D to 3D animation, motion graphics, high-end visual effects, and live action.

  • 2D/3D animation & motion graphics

  • post production

  • visual effects


AR / VR solutions

We help brands feel confident to venture in the AR and VR. Sharing our experience and expertise through the whole process, creating solutions and experience that solves a problem.

  • ar/vr branded experience

  • ar/vr application development

  • snapchat lens studio


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