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Tuesday: Standalone VR

After only seven months of Google releasing the Daydream platform and headset, Google surprised us at their I/O annual conference with their standalone headset.

 Google I/O 2017

Google I/O 2017

What is Standalone VR? It is exactly what it sounds like. Standalone refers to an untethered VR headset that does not require a phone or PC, the entire technology will be built right into the headset. The headset uses a new technology Google is calling “WorldSense” which allows the headset to track the world from inside out instead of tracking the headset from the outside markers. This means you can essentially use VR technology anywhere rather than depending on a space set up by trackers. Why is this important? Because it puts us one step closers to VR for everyone, anywhere.  

One of the biggest challenges VR faces, I think, is the friction it created when users try to use VR. Users complain about the cables, portability, and comfortability of the headset. It really takes away from the experience and technology itself when you are trying to immerse yourself in another world but you have to mentally check back into reality to make sure you don’t trip over chords. However, Google has set an example for the rest of us to follow by reducing the time you need to set up and enjoy VR.

Google has lit the torch for us in VR, creating an amazing platform, content and now, this amazing standalone headset. This is really the infancy of VR and there are so many possibilities we can explore. I am optimistic about the future of immersive media and computing to be accessible to everyone, artists and students alike. It is not going to happen overnight-- it will take time and collaboration between us all.

Introducing WorldSense, a new headset tracking technology which lets you move naturally in VR without installing any external sensors. Lean, dodge, duck, and enjoy more immersive virtual reality without any cables, so it feels even more like you're actually there.

We at Paper Triangles are working hard to contribute to this amazing ecosystem of artist, creators, engineers and entrepreneurs. I hope you can as well.