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Why Snapchat AR over Facebook.

Why Snapchat Over Facebook?

Len’s Studio has been the exact thing we have been waiting for here at Paper Triangles. I have been a huge believer in their AR platform but was never able to really try it. Now, with the release of Len Studio, we are exploring into AR lenses. This allows companies like us to create unique Snapchat lense as marketing content for brands.


Len’s studio is really easy to use and that is huge for us. But that is not the only reason we believe in this platform. Snaps have the potential to go viral, not just on Snapchat but on every other social app as well, which gives AR lenses the potential to reach multiple social channels. Creating more user-generated content, brand awareness, and engagement. People want to create and Snapchat is giving it to them!

Brand Engagement


Snapchat’s engagement for Lenses is extremely high, according to Snapchat it estimates 70 million people play with lenses daily for an average of 3 minutes. That is a huge engagement for any brand that is targeting the millennial market. Snapchat’s audience is millennials who want to create their own content, their own stories, and their own memes. This gives Snapchat a huge advantage over any existing platform, virality.

Distribution and Shareability


Another one of the key features I love of Snapchat’s ecosystem is the Snapcode. Much like QR code, it allows for anyone to scan the code and access the data on there. This provides huge value to brands in terms of distribution and reusability. Brands can just give stickers, post on their social or just add to their current print with the Snapcode. Instead of updating new ones, agencies can just update the current Snapcode with better AR lense content.



Yes. I am biased towards Snapchat because I love the app and its lens. But how can you not be? With Snapchat lense, I can dance with hotdogs, create dank memes on the internet and get a cute dog face filter? It’s all in one for me baby. Nonetheless, Snapchat’s path for their filters is unforeseen, we won’t know until the real numbers come in but I am optimistic about the direction and where they want to go.


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Hanpeng Frank Shi