Paper Triangles


TBT: First PaperHACK.

This week is a little bit different, instead of showing you some of the past work. We wanna share a little bit of what we do on our free time. Two weekends, we decided to host our first ever hackathon, or an attempt at one, at Paper Triangles. We wanted to take a stab at making an IOS AR app in one day and that’s exactly what we did.

Apple’s announcement of iOS11 has really sparked some excitement into the AR space. This long awaited AR kit has solved two huge problems in the AR/VR industry, which is fragmentation and accessibility. Having iPhone as the unifying platform will justify developers and artist to make AR content. Thus the reason we wanted to give it a try and really see how complex is Apple’s, AR Kit. To our surprise, it is relatively simple to use. Our goal was very straight forward, can we make an AR application in one day. The answer is yes we fucking can.

Here are some of the best AR test out right now. 

Two weekends ago, we asked our friends from Ethan, Jovin, Dima, Jun and Austin to come and be a part of the first every PaperHACK. We pull our heads together and try to make an AR app. The steps were very simple. Update to iOS 11, get Xcode, and find a demo scene to load. Within an hour, we took one of the sample scenes of Apple’s AR Kit and deployed it to our phone. Here comes the next challenge.

We wanted to create a simple but addictive AR game, something that you will play and just never get enough. So we created the first AR Pachinko machine! This process took a bit longer than just loading the demo. But not too different than creating any AR game. We built the base design in Maya, then imported it into Unity for shading, physics, and building out the actual app. In a matter of few hours, we had a working Pachinko AR demo. Check out the video below!

We were really excited with our results in one day and really impressed with the simplicity of deploying the App onto our dummy phone. This gave us the inspiration to keep pushing this app further and try to bring it into the market as iOS release in the fall. We will keep on developing this app and it will be free on the App Store when iOS 11 comes out!

For a final thought, Apple AR will give a surplus of AR ready users and even though AR might not be something they are thinking about for their everyday life. AR will be something everyone gets used to as time goes on, just like the internet when it first came out, like the iPhone when it first debuted and now again with Apple AR. 

Hanpeng Frank Shi