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It is here: The Model 3

8:45 pm: I don’t remember the last time I was so excited for a tech live event, not even Apple’s WDCC 2017 got me excited. As the live event starts, I can’t help myself but ask what those people in the crowd feel like? What must Elon feel like? What does the world think of him now?


This past Friday was the hand-off party of the first 30 Tesla Model 3. I could only watch from my 15’ MacBook but I was so jealous of the people at the event. The moment the car comes out, it feels so elegant and premium. Starting at $35,000 for the basic model, $44,000 for premium, Tesla’s Model 3 is in the range of any BMW 3 Series or Benz E Class. But the design of the interior is what I think makes it a car of the future.


Musk’s focus on minimalism and simplicity is what I love about the car. “I felt like I was driving in an Eames chair,” wrote Tamarra Warren from the Verge, sums up the design of the car very well. The interior is what stands out about this for, at least for me. The front dash feels so smooth with the lack of vents, gauges, and buttons. The use of wood against metal really makes the car feel premium. But that’s not what it makes it great, it is the presence you have while driving. With the panoramic roof, the car feels so open, clean, and allows you to focus on driving. Tesla really kept the design true to itself, as the exterior of the car feels just as premium and elegant as the model 3. But you won’t be touching these bad boys for a while.


Tesla has a huge challenge up ahead. As Elon said it himself, they are in for a “six-month production hell.” Right now Tesla produces around 22,000 every quarter and their plan for the model 3 is 20,000 a month. By the end of 2018, they want to quadruple that amount. The challenge Elon faces is probably the biggest for Tesla yet, knowing that the company has a long history of challenges. But I think they have learned a lot from the past and will use it to their advantage.



What I love about Tesla and Elon’s companies are their goals. It’s never to make more money for themselves but making more money to solve more problems. Elon’s goal for Tesla is to accelerate humans transition to sustainable energy. He didn’t ask for investors to help him make that dream comes true, he created a plan that would take him there. A plan that took him more than a decade to execute and now it is finally here. I am really excited to see where Electric Vehicles are going and can’t wait to see what Tesla comes up with next.

Hanpeng Frank Shi