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TBT: Out first ever project

Throwback Thursdays are always a trip down memory lane for us. This Thursday we wanna take you back to one of our first ever projects that really was the beginning of Paper Triangles. Check out the video below!

DaDao was our first ever project together as a company and team. We were tasked to create a cinematic full CG logo intro for DaDao Media Group. Our challenge was that we had to create the world around their philosophy and ideal of the company.

 Client Reference

Client Reference

Creating worlds is something we love doing. We collaborated with YCC Film Beijing to build the world that represents the voice of Da Dao Media Group. We worked on crafting a surreal, mysterious, and majestic title design to bring people into the world of Da Dao Media.Using the client’s reference as the foundation, we were able to build on top of their vision to create something that was a collaborative piece.


The challenge was to really convey the scale of DaDao's ambition visually. Their namesake comes from the philosopher Lao Zi. With that in mind, we wanted to create the world in which he lived, a surreal world filled with mystery and grandeur.Drawing from old Chinese ink paintings we created a huge landscape out of pieces of the characters; filled with floating mountains and over the top clouds.

By rendering the character Lao Zi into the piece in 2D we were able to bring a bit of the old into this primarily CG world. We really studied their prior opening and were able to reimagine their reveal while still keeping to true to their spirit.

DaDao was the first project that really allowed us to pursue our dreams with Paper Triangles. It also really taught us that we had so much to learn when it came to the business, management and creative side of things.


Hanpeng Frank Shi