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TBT: The Conjuring 2

For our first throwback post, we wanted to highlight one of our first big projects. We were hired to create immersive marketing material for the film The Conjuring 2. The project involved a combination of live-action and CG integration into a stereoscopic 360 space. Utilizing scans taken from the set, we were able to accurately rebuild the Enfield House which is the primary setting of the film, capturing the look, feel, size and detail of the set in CG.


We combined the stereoscopic footage given to us with the elements we built to create an engaging and impactful experience. We successfully brought our audience into the world of the Warrens.

The biggest creative challenge was understanding the grammar of VR. The most obvious challenge when working with this new technology is before it, we were working with familiar cinematography language. In cinematography, you are working in a frame, a screen, or a box if you will. With VR, there are no borders, so we had to literally think outside the box. Before VR, when you present a narrative to a viewer, you are doing it in a sequence in the confines of a screen. But with VR, the experience and framing become radial rather than linear. The boundaries are not set in the same ways. We had to revolve a narrative around the viewer while keeping with the vision, style, and cues of The Conjuring 2.


Camera movement and placement was another huge challenge. We went through many iterations of camera placement and height. It had to be comfortable enough for everyone to enjoy on different platforms, from Youtube to Gear 360. This project really pushed us to learn how to navigate new limits and change the perspective of how we work.

The response from the online viewers was amazing! Within the first day of release, millions of people were fully scared across platforms like Facebook, YouTube and SamSung VR.  We were able to get the audience really excited for the movie and succeeded in creating a kind of engagement only VR can achieve.