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E3 2017 Recap

The annual Electronic Entertainment Expo just wrapped last week and boy was it filled with VR, VR, and more VR! This year was different compared to last year and that main difference is the amount headsets that is currently out right now. Not only did HTC Vive and Oculus show their triple-A game titles, PSVR, Google Daydream, and Microsoft pulled out their big game titles.

Game titles weren’t the only thing that made a splash at E3. It was also the hardware. HTC, Microsoft, Nvidia, and other vendors all showed promising technology that will take VR to that next level. It is important that hardware and content push each other so VR as a whole can grow. So, I wanna share with you guys some of my top games and hardware at E3!

Bethesda came out swinging this year at E3. The high anticipated announcementof Fallout 4 VR, DOOM VR and, potentially, Skyrim VR will really attract a lot of hardcore gamers to join the VR party. Bethesda has always been a huge supporter of VR and this year showed everyone what it is all about. DOOM VR is what really stood out to me. I love Fallout 4 as much as any gamer on this planet but DOOM is just too nostalgic not to love. DOOM was one of the first game I got a chance to play like many of the gamer at E3. Having this game in VR is a dream come true to so many. Seeing the gameplay at E3, there are a lot of different levels, monster and guns, which is what DOOM is all about. However, what really got my attention is the loco motion, the way players move in the game. The locomotion mechanic in DOOM is really well integrated with the game play itself. You can teleport behind a monster and shoot them or just teleport to their face and punch them. Honestly I can’t wait for it to come out on HTC and PSVR.

While DOOM did catch my inner child’s heart, I still had to give a shout out to Skyrim. Skyrim is an open world MMORPG made by Bethesda. It has a HUGE following on PC and I think it will be the same in VR. With the same game mechanics, graphics and open world, I can see my self-getting lost in this game for countless hours. After seeing some of the gameplay at the Sony presentation. I was really impressed by how the game looked compared to PC. As a PC gamer, it is hard not to compare all the VR games to your native gaming tool but it seems like Bethesda had our worries in mind and made sure it looked awesome! 

These were the two games that we are really excited about. There are so many games that are being announced this year at E3 like Star Child, Moss, Mario Cart VR and many more

Along side games were amazing hardware. Xbox announced new Xbox One. This has been an anticipated announcement for a while now and this year it is finally here. Our friends at Blind help created this amazing launch video that took over the whole stage. However, Xbox did not announce any sort of VR head set that will be going with the new Xbox, which is pretty sad. But they assured that the new Xbox One will be supporting VR heads sets, which is pretty awesome. 

Intel really surprised us with their partnership with HTC Vive on their wireless adapter. This is where VR HMD (head mount displays) really need to go in order for it to go mainstream. With Intel’s processors helping the latency down, wireless VR is right around the corner and it is pretty damn exciting.

E3 was great this year. Huge triple-A titles, great new hardware and a huge potential for the future of VR. It is really exciting to see the growth of VR in the past two years. From a production company’s point of view, it only give us more excitement to continue to make our voices heard in this fast growing ecosystem.


Hanpeng Frank Shi