Paper Triangles


TBT: CycleBoard

Paper Triangles worked closely with CycleBoard, a three-wheeled electric scooter, to create beautifully rendered images and videos for their website launch! We highlighted the amazing technology that the team at CycleBoard put into their product. The problem we had to solve was figuring out how to take their existing manufacturing data and generate website elements.

We took the CAD data from their team and reused it to create 3D renderings and animations that would highlight key features of the board. They used these videos to create an interactive 3D tour so visitors could explore the product’s revolutionary design and features.


Cycleboard comes with many different varieties of decks, add-ons, and colors. We had to figure out a way to show that variety in an efficient and economical manner. By reusing assets from the tour, we were able to render out different views and accessories of the Cycleboard


We wanted to create a fluent and interactive way for riders to choose their favorite type of board and add-ons! Super happy with how the tour and to customize turned out!

Hanpeng Frank Shi